Our Multi-Course Dinner Experience

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An Unforgettable night of delicious food at your place!

Turn your gathering, into an event!

What’s Included

Create Menu
Consult with us to create the perfect menu
We Go Shopping
Chef selected ingredients
Prepare Ingredients
carefully crafted
We Bring the
chargers, plates, silverware, napkins & set the table
We Cook
using our own pans, tools and your range
Chef Served
Each course is described to your guests
We Clean Up
leaving things sparkling
You’re Happy
A Success

Other Services

Served on Platters for your guest
Culinary Display
Heat Lamps, and Riser and Artistic Food Layout
Elevated Customized Experience Created by the Chef.
Elevated Customized Experience Created by the Chef

Upgrade Your Private Chef Dinner Experience

Add on Services

Wine Dinner
pair our cuisine with your favorite local wine.
Keepsake Menus
Personalized and signed by the chefs
Mini Cooking Demo
15-30 min food lesson prior to dinner
Want Something Extraordinary?
Ask about truffles, caviar, exotic spices, unique seafood, or premium cuts of meat